Treatment of PANS PANDAS Flares

Treatment ofPANS PANDAS Flares

If your child has been diagnosed with PANDAS and is experiencing a flare, we would recommend following these steps. Flares happen because the immune system is stimulated. This can happen with exposure to common infections such as chicken pox, glandular fever, influenza and the common cold amongst others.

  1. Start your child on a 5 day course of regular (three times a day) ibuprofen (if they have responded to this before and do not have any other underlying problems with Ibuprofen such as gastritis or asthma). You cannot use ibuprofen if your child has chicken pox. Remember that ibuprofen will mask a temperature and you must access local medical services in the normal way if you are worried about your child.
  2. If your child is on antibiotic prophylaxis you can step up to treatment dose whilst you arrange for a medical assessment.
  3. If your child is on PEA, please double the dose for 1 week
  4. If you child has persistent symptoms after trying these measures, a 2 week course of antibiotics after consultation with your GP should be considered.
  5. Symptoms that persist beyond this will need a formal assessment, please book an appointment.

Remember that if you are unsure about your child’s health at anytime, you must access your local NHS services in the normal way.

Authored by: Dr Tim Ubhi

Published: 25th March 2023

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