The Children’s e-Hospital charity will be running projects across the globe to deliver the best care to children everywhere. Our most recent charity work has involved providing medical and humanitarian aid to Syrian refugee children in Greece. The Children’s e-Hospital coordinated over 100 volunteers over an 18 month period in 2017-2018. During this period we provided food and clothing together with specialist paediatric advice to children in this refugee zone.

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If you have a medical or nursing background there are a number of projects that we are running where your skills would be invaluable. Again, if you are interested, please drop us a line using the “contact us” button.

Here is the BBC1 Inside Out programme with Dr Tim Ubhi & Johnny I’Anson

BBC1 Inside Out footage of the Children’s e-Hospital refugee aid programme

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The Pop-up Children’s Hospital project delivers high dependency care to children in disaster zones using state of the art medical technology. Each “Pop-up” unit costs £20,000 and operates out of 3 rucksacks. Any donations that are made will go directly to this project.

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The Children’s e-Hospital adopted charity for 2019 is “The Unity”

The Unity Charity Page