COVID-19 IgG Antibody Tests Update

26th May 2020

The MHRA has asked laboratories to “pause” their testing of self-collected finger prick samples for antibodies against COVID-19. This is not about the reliability of tests but because they want to ensure that patients are given the correct medical support when they have these tests done and that the correct processes have been followed. There was a sudden explosion in the availability of these tests over the past 3 weeks and a whole range of different outlets offering home testing kits.

At the Children’s e-Hospital we have have developed a CQC “outstanding” rated service and this includes working with a laboratory that has over 10 years experience in “self-collection” samples for pathology testing. Please note that this is different to “home testing” which is not something that we have offered. Every element in the self-collection kits that we use are CE marked. The MHRA has had to intervene on a national level because of concerns about the service being offered by some outlets. It is likely that self-collection kits will be re-released for use once the MHRA have made an assessment of the state of play in the UK and when they are confident that the services that are being offered are safe and well supported. At The Children’s e-Hospital we will continue to offer a COVID-19 antibody test consultation through our normal consultation platform which means that we can provide a clinically robust service with a clinical history and consultation to discuss the need or not for antibody testing. This also allows us to have a follow up consultation to discuss the results of any tests that have been done. There will unfortunately be a cost implication as this is a much bigger service that is being offered. If you wish to book a consultation please click on “Book a Consultation” on our main menu and select a Skype consultation.


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