Relief Treatment

Common relief medication

  1. Salbutamol (also known as Ventolin)
  2. Terbutaline (also known as Bricanyl)
  3. Ipatropium bromide (also known as Atrovent)
  4. Salmeterol (also known as Serevent)-This is a long acting drug that is given 12 hourly
  5. Formoterol fumerate (also known as Oxis)- This is a long acting drug that is given 12 hourly

In the UK, salbutamol is one of the most commonly used inhalers. It usually comes as a blue inhaler and once given begins to become effective after 10 minutes. It’s effects may last upto 4 hours but sometimes it has to be given more frequently, particulalrly if the child is struggling to breathe. This will be covered in more detail in the “Emergency treatment” section.

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