Infra-Red Thermometer

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The Children's e-Hospital Forehead and Infra-Red Thermometer FDA, CE & ISO 13485 Approved.

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Product Information

This is the latest in the range of Infra-Red thermometer’s from The Children’s e-Hospital. This thermometer allows measurement of body temperature by using either an infra-red forehead scanning or ear mode.Both are very easy and very quick (1 second measurement)! This makes it ideal to use in both children and babies.

Full Specification

Measurement range – Ear & Forehead: 32.0ºC -42.9ºC
Measurement accuracy – +/- 0.2ºC
Display – LCD backlight
Automatic shutdown – 10 sec +/- 1sec

Indicator and fever alarm:
Normal (Green) = 32.0ºC – 37.3ºC
Intermediate (Amber) = 37.4ºC -37.9ºC
Fever (Red) = 38.0ºC-42.9ºC

Battery 2x AAA

FDA, CE & ISO 13485 approved

Product dimension: 39mm x 27.3mm x 160mm