Why is it called a HOTPOD®? Because it allows you to measure Heart rate, Oxygen levels,Temperature and is part of a Patient Observation Device which allows you to measure breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen levels, behaviour and perfusion…all the pieces that you need to determine if a child is developing an illness. Assessing a sick child requires objective data. Whilst traditionally, measuring temperature has been seen as an acceptable way to assess whether a child is ill with an infection or not, we now know that in some circumstances the child’s temperature may be low or normal even though they may have an evolving infection. We want our parents to do more, to add an extra level of safety to ensure our children are safe. To learn how to measure vital signs simply click on the blue button.

Once you’ve made the measurements simply click on the orange button below and enter your data! Any measurement that flag up green are in the safe zone. Measurements that flag up red are outside of the normal range and may need a medical assessment.

The HOTPOD® Child Health Monitoring Kit is designed to be used with The Children’s e-Hospital website so that we can give you all the resources that you need to monitor the health of your child.



At the Children’s e-Hospital we want our parents to be able to make these measurements at home using the HOTPOD® Child Health Monitoring Kit. This is not designed to replace the already existing services that are available through the NHS (e.g. A+E and/or GP services) but rather add an additional layer of safety to enable parents to access child health services promptly if their child is beginning to show signs of illness. This should not delay accessing the appropriate medical services in anyway.

If you don’t already have a HOTPOD® you can purchase one by going to our Online shop.

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