The New HOTPOD® (2021)

Why is it called a HOTPOD®? Because it allows you to measure Heart rate, Oxygen levels,Temperature and is part of a Patient Observation Device which allows you to measure Temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels,breathing rate, ECG*, blood glucose* & blood pressure*, all important measurements to determine levels of sickness.

The New HOTPOD® allows you to measure and observe your vital signs using the Free HOTPOD® App. The data is uploaded to our Health Professionals dashboard in real time to allow those that have a subscription to have their data assessed by a health care professional.

*Some measurements are only suitable for adults

If you don’t already have a HOTPOD® you can purchase one by going to our Online shop.

CEO’s, CCGS’, Clinical Leads, Primary Care Trusts and Private Health Care Providers may want to click on the following link to see how the service works in a little more detail.

HOTPOD – A New Model of Care

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