Coronavirus & PANDAS

Parents of children who have PANDAS may be concerned about the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) and the potential impact on their children. The spread of Covid-19 is inevitable and is likely to affect the majority of the population in the UK. From the data that we have available about 80% of patients will have a mild disease. Children do not appear to be as badly affected as adults but the data is very limited. If your child contracts Covid-19 they will mount an immune response that is likely to cause a flare in their symptoms. In this situation, patients who are registered with The Children’s e-Hospital and in whom it has been agreed that ibuprofen can be used to control flares should start a short course in the usual way. If there are any worrying signs you should contact NHS 111 to discuss your childs symptoms asap. For those who have purchased a HOTPOD® Child Health Monitoring Kit this is an ideal time to keep an eye on their vital signs and add an extra layer of safety in managing their illness.

Authored by: Dr Tim Ubhi

Published: 27th February 2020

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