Emergency Treatment of Asthma

If your child is a known asthmatic and is very unwell with shortness of breath, coughing or wheeze then you can give 10 puffs of the blue inhaler (salbutamol)  through the spacer. Each puff should be given individually with the child breathing in and out for 30 seconds or 10 breaths through the spacer.

Ensure that there is at least 30 seconds between each puff being given as this allows the chamber in the inhaler to fill.

If your child is very unwell you will need to call 999. If you think there has been some improvement you may be able to take them straight to A+E

If you do have to call an ambulance you can continue to administer salbutamol by giving a further 10 puffs as above whilst you are waiting, if you feel this is needed.

Authored by: Dr Tim Ubhi

Published: 8th March 2019

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