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We are now taking pre-orders for the HOTPOD kit. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list please click the following link to complete the pre-order form: HOTPOD®️Pre-order Form

The Children’s e-Hospital HOTPOD® kit allows parents to measure key physical data from a child who might be unwell.

The HOTPOD® allows us to check if a child is unwell and needs to go to the GP or A+E. It can also be used to monitor children who have been deemed well enough not to be admitted into hospital but who still need close monitoring to ensure that they are safe. The HOTPOD® introduces another level of safety that gives added security to parents so that they can make an informed decision about the management of their child.

The HOTPOD® together with the website & App will allow you to measure 6 key pieces of physical data (eg heart rate) that will help us to determine if your child is unwell. Please click the link at the top of the page if you would like to pre-order a HOTPOD® kit.

There are six pieces of information that are needed in order to make an assessment:

  1. Pulse rate (beats per min)
  2. Oxygen levels (%)
  3. Temperature (℃)
  4. Breathing rate (breaths per min)
  5. Perfusion (Capillary refill time) (seconds)
  6. Mental state

In order to carry out an assessment of your child, please perform the following steps:

Step 1

Please measure & record the 6 vital signs above using the HOTPOD® kit. This website will show you how to measure these different pieces of information using the videos below.

Step 2

Go to the tab below which relates to the age of your child.

Step 3

Compare your readings to the normal range for your child. If your readings are not within the normal range it may mean that your child is unwell and that you should seek medical help. Please note that if you are concerned that your child is unwell you should not delay accessing the emergency services by dialling 999 or going to A+E.

If you have a registered HOTPOD® and have subscribed to the Children’s e-Hospital service, please upload the data using the “Data submission form” on the Children’s e-Hospital App or the “Upload data” tab below and we will analyse the data for you and advise appropriately.

In this section we will guide you through using the HOTPOD®️ kit and measuring vital signs in your child.

Use the following videos to learn how to measure the six different areas that help us determine if your child is unwell:

1. Heart rate & oxygen level

Once you have measured your child’s heart rate & oxygen levels, compare them against the normal range for your child’s age.

2. Temperature

Note that both a high or low temperature can indicate illness in a child.

3. Breathing rate

Breathing rate varies with age. Once you have measured your child’s breathing rate, compare it to the normal age for your child. Also make a note about the pattern of breathing. A child who is working hard to breathe may be showing signs of serious illness.

4. Perfusion

Perfusion is also known as capillary refill time. Using the technique shown in the video you can determine if your child has normal perfusion. This is the time it takes for the skin to “pink-up” again after pressing firmly for 5 seconds.

5. Mental state

Assessing a child’s mental state can help determine if the child is unwell. Unusual behaviour is an important indicator of illness in a child.

  1. Rash

Always remember that a non-blanching rash (ie a rash that doesn’t go away when pressed) may be a sign of serious infection such as meninigococcal sepsis. You should not delay in seeking medical advice in this situation.

Now compare your readings with the normal values below and if you are a registered user you can upload your data for review by a children’s doctor or nurse.

The tabs below divide age ranges into 4 main groups.