The HOTPOD®️ is now available to buy! The HOTPOD®️ is a kit that allows you to measure 6 key physical variables to determine if your child is unwell. In combination with the Children’s e-Hospital App and website we will be offering a specialist child health service that goes beyond just measuring your child’s temperature to determine if they are ill or not. The kit allows you to measure heart rate, temperature and oxygen levels amongst other key variable to make a full asessment of your child. You can either buy the HOTPOD®️as stand alone kit (£99.60) or you can additionally subscribe to our online paediatric support service for only £20 per month (for a minimum of 12 months).

    The Children’s e-Hospital is now taking orders for the HOTPOD®️. To buy your HOTPOD®️please click on the following link to complete the order form:

    HOTPOD order form