GP Services

Take a deep breathWe are now able to offer direct consultant level paediatric advice to general practitioners either by email, phone or video consultation. Our aim is to improve the quality and speed of delivery of care so that we reduce unnecessary referrals to secondary care or A+E. This service is designed to work hand in hand with the resources on our web-site so that the paediatric medical needs of your local population are met. This service is not designed to replace acute medical services that currently exist (eg assessment for acute abdominal pain) but does have a role in disease management for the more stable conditions. We can also offer advice on where and how to refer more complex conditions.

We have developed resources that are aimed at meeting the needs of your local population. If your local surgery or CCG has subscribed to our network you will find a range of resources that will allow you to work and refer more effectively. This, we hope, will result in a more steamlined service for your patients.

These resources include disease anticipation algorithms that allow primary care doctors to prepare for an increase in disease occurence and thus allows them to use the children’s e-hospital resources to inform their local population and thus reduce presentation to primary care.

If you are a manager or clinical lead in your practice or CCG and wish to discuss becoming part of our clinical network, please contact our clinical director (Dr Tim Ubhi) at

If you are a parent wishing to request an on-line paediatric consultation  please click on the following link:

Request for on-line consultation